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Effect of Curing Agent Varieties on the Properties of Coatings [2023-6-10]
Duetothecharacteristicsoffluorocarbonresinmolecularstructure,fluorocarboncoatingismainlypreparedbycrosslinkinghydroxylgroupsinfluorocarbonresinwit [More]
Effect of fluorocarbon surfactant and matters needing attention in its application [2023-6-10]
Fluorocarbonsurfactantissuchakindofsubstance.Itsmoleculehasbothpolargroup(hydrophilicstructure)andnon-polargroup(hydrophobicstructure),whichmakesi [More]
how to do PE blue electrostatic protective film, there is always static hair,? [2023-6-10]
PEblueelectrostaticprotectivefilm,thereisalwaysstatichair,howtodo?Autumnandwinterairdrying,hairlossofmoisture,dryair,watercontaininghair=electrost [More]
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